SPECTRALAB-Genie Clinical Analyzer (Truly made in India)More

Semi-Automated Clinical Analyzer (Equipped with 25 Years of Experience)
(Made in India by: Spectrum Medical Industries Pvt Ltd)
  • User programmable Over 250Test.
  • Over 2500Test Result & 4000Q.C. Result Memory.
  • Built-in Tri-Level Q.C. Program.
  • Reagent Blank Memory.
  • Large Back Lighted Colored Display with Touch Screen.
  • Built-In Thermal Graphic Line Printer.
  • High Quality Long Life 7 Interference Filters with One Option.
  • Long Life Halogen Lamp with Lamp Saver Feature.
  • Photometric Linearity up to 3.000au.
  • Flow Cell & Manual Cuvette Measurement & Coagulation.
  • Built in Port for USB/Serial.
  • Pre-Cal Parameters: ASO/RF/CRP/HBa1C